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Which Size Should I Get?

It’s always best to check our size guide and measure against yourself to make sure the width and length will fit you before ordering. You may find you are smaller or larger in our original lifts than your usual cup size, so check the size guide. If your back size is 34 and under, we recommend going with the size bracket your usual cup size fits into eg: if you are a 34 D go with the C-D bracket. Size down if you are a smaller back below a 32. Larger backs 36+ will need to go up a cup size in our lifts to avoid the tape straining or “Pinging” off or causing the breasts to look misshapen. We also recommend wearing our Cleavage Sculpting Strips fr extra side support if you are a 36 back+


We get your frustration, The good news though is that we are experts and know how to avoid this. The tape adhesive will not adhere to the skin if you have any oils, false tans, powders or damp on the skin. If skin isn't clean and thoroughly dry and free from perfumes, moisturisers and lotions (even if applied a while ago) they will only stick for a few moments and then retract. Always ensure hands are clean and dry and follow step one on our application page before you start. Avoiding this step may cause the tape to not properly adhere.

(!) Do not peel back and re apply: The tape can also retract if you apply the tape onto your skin and then peel the tape off the skin to try to re-apply or readjust. The adhesive is not reusable and you peel this off upon removal so the tape will not re-stick.

Wearing the size bracket which may be slightly too small can also cause you to need to overstretch the tape on application causing the tape to recoil and retract from the skin. This can also cause strain to the skin to strain so avoid this. Weight of the breasts is a contributing factor so you may need to upsize if you find it is straining or ‘pinging off” from the top or rolling away from the skin. Follow our application video with the sound ON.

(i) Always support the breast and hold in place never let go of the breast. Place the tape down to hold in place rather than using the boob tape to pull up the breast.


Perky Pear®breast lift tape adhesive is CE approved, hypoallergenic and medical grade from a trusted certified manufacturer in the medical industry. We take care to provide Skin Safety information as skin sensitivity will differ greatly between users. This information can be found across our website, on the product packaging and enclosed safety leaflets provided with your products which we ask you to read before using our tape products as adhesive tapes are very sticky and must be used with care. Some scenarios can result in skin irritation especially in warm weather & where skin is not familiar with tape. We outline all possible risk scenarios here– Most risks occur due to heat.Please read all information for an informed and safe wearespecially if you have never worn tape before or are not a regular tape wearer. Adhesive products applied to the skin cannot guarantee 100% exemption from injury or irritation for all users due to differing skin sensitivities but following our advice will help limit risks.


Yes but we recommend cutting before applying as if you peel the tape back from the skin it may not stick as well the second time. Only peel back the section of tape on show then stick in back down and hold your hand over the tape to add heat which activates the adhesive


No, generally tape products are never reusable similar to band aids/medical adhesive bandages & sticky tape. We do not use a reusable gel-based adhesive which is common with silicone products which aren’t strong enough to hold the weight of heavy breasts. Our tape is stretchy cotton and the adhesive is a thermal adhesive and is super strong to hold heavy breasts preventing the lifts coming loose!  Once stuck down and removed, it cannot be re-adjusted as it will no longer be sticky as the adhesive peels away upon removal. Our tape products come with several pairs per pack. Never apply the tape to broken skin


We have plenty of styles to choose from but in a nutshell…Our Perky Pear® Bandeau tape is perfect for thin straps and strapless, bandeau styles! The adhesive is applied width ways rather than lengthways so stretches from the sides with a minor upwards stretch. This tape-style doesn’t go as high as the original tape and covers across the whole breast. This is available in one size and fits A-DD. Please watch how to apply this style here.

The Perky Pear® Original Lift & Shape Tape is perfect for plunge and backless styles. It is available in four sizes up to a G cup due to the the style of this tape as it has more fabric/tape that is stretched and supported higher up to allow for an extreme lift and support for larger breasts. It is designed with a slanted side so it is not visible in the deepest wide set plunge necklines. Watch how to apply this style here: https://perkypear.com/howtovideos

Our Perky Pear® Mini Lifts are perfect for most styles and are our most discreet style and the one size fits A-C (and small Ds). They offer a moderate lift and shaping effect and can be worn with even the most revealing styles. Not suitable for large cup sizes because they do not have the side support and are designed to lift more from the centre of the breast, unlike our Original style which shapes and cups the side.

Additional products like our Cleavage Sculpting StripsDIY Breast Lift Tape and Invisible Lift Tape are great at lifting on their own, creating more cleavage or helping larger cups with extra side support.


Yes BUT apply after application. We mention this on our How To Apply page and we also have a Tan Tips page for you to follow. Tanning can cause the tape to come undone and to retract so follow our TAN TIPS here to get the low down on tanning whilst using our products! Apply tan/bronzer carefully AFTER application, Avoiding the tape fabric.

Do not Spray tan over the top of the lifts! Most spray tans are oil-based which strips the tape adhesive away from your skin – this is why we recommend oil-based products to REMOVE the tape so keep this in mind as this will make the tape come away from your skin in most cases. Follow step one on our how to apply page to ensure this does not happen. Always cleanse the area with a water based product like micellar water before use to ensure skin is clean then leave to thoroughly dry.


Wearing nipple covers does provide extra comfort and less pull to the nipple when removing the tape. Everyone has different skin sensitivity so they are available if you wish to add extra comfort, but it is optional to the user. Please note that wearing a silicone nipple cover under the tape can cause the nipple to fold when applying the tape and may get in the way or alter the shape of the breast, therefore, we don’t advise wearing any silicone nipple covers under our smaller products such as the Bandeau Tape Or Mini Lifts.


Perky Pear® breast lift tape will stay on until peeled off and does not sweat off due to its breathable cotton fibres and gaps in the intelligently applied adhesive to allow sweat and air to evaporate. The tape will stay on until physically removed however as a safety precaution we have wear time guides to help you wear safely, especially if you are unfamiliar with adhesive tape products as your skin needs to get used to it. See Wear time guide here

This wear time is just a safety guide. Our tape adhesive is heat activated so fully bonds to the skin after 30 minutes then continues to get stickier the longer you wear it due to body heat and also heat from the sun. Our tape is sweat proof and because of the bonding adhesiveit will only come off when you decide to remove it. This means that you could wear all day and night and even sleep in your tape and wear the next day as it will not come off  but we have to advise the safest time in order for skin safety as all users skin sensitivity will differ.


As explained on oursafety disclaimerusers may experience this. This can happen if you have been in a hot environment and if you have worn the tape for prolonged periods. It can also be a normal reaction of the skin pores when coming into contact with the heat activate adhesive because the thermo adhesive increases blood circulation in the area where it’s applied. This is normal and disappears after a little while. After use, clean the skin with cool water and remove all adhesive with a gentle cleanser or exfoliate. Please read all safety disclaimers on our site and enclosed in and on our product packaging before use. Always wait until your skin has recovered before using the product again.


We think it’s super easy to apply our breast tape but if you are new to this kind of product we don’t want you to get into a sticky situation! 

All application videos can be found here. Please make sure you watch the videos so you can apply with no trouble. Handling the tape too much can cause it to stick to your fingers so using one hand to press on to the breast is advisable. Use a mirror to ensure you stick the lifts down in the desired place at the collar bone and not too far into the middle of the chest or to far into the arm pit!


Perky Pear® breast lift tape is water proof to some extent. You need to be dry when applying the lifts so that the adhesive can adhere to the skin. After applying the tape wait 30 minutes so that the tape adhesive has fully bonded to the skin before applying any sun creams around the taped area and before entering any water as this is the time it takes for the adhesive to fully bond. Once adhered fully they can withstand swimming.

*Never sunbathe in your tape as heat from the sun can make the thermal adhesive stickier and will increase the chances of heat blisters.  If you will be in a hot country whilst swimming or using the tape, read our Safety Disclaimer before use.


We ship from two locations internationally from our Manchester UK warehouse and our Pennsylvania USA warehouse.See all shipping information here


Please see our full detailed returns policy here


Not all breast tape works, but Perky Pear does what it promises. It lifts & shapes the breasts to give the effect of a surgical breast lift. But don’t just take out word for it. Check out our breast tape reviews.


Perky Pear’s breast tape works by lifting the breast from below and pulling them in from the outside. This results in the breasts looking naturally perkier and more full.


Never rip the tape off of dry skin as this can result in minor tearing and breaking of the skin. Pressing down firmly on the skin/ breast whilst pulling the tape is most effective and stops the pull to the skin. You can see our video on how to remove breast tape here.

Always use your favourite moisturiser or oil (coconut or baby oil) around the edges of the tape to help dissolve the adhesive when removing to stop any pull. Oil-based is better as this will dissolve the adhesive.

Start from the bottom corner and pull up gently taking it slowly. Do not peel down and against the skin.


Perky Pear’s breast lift tape is a safe and low-cost way to create the effect of a surgical breast lift, without you having to actually go through surgery. It also provides you with a solution to wearing v-neck dresses, backless dresses, low cut dresses and strapless dresses without a bra of any kind.

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