Safety Disclaimer

We also include a two-sided A5 safety leaflet in each of your product packs which you must read before use.

The tape material used by Perky Pear® Ltd is CE approved and safe to the skin, sourced from a credited and certified manufacturer in the medical industry. Perky Pear Ltd does not individually own the material sourced. Please be aware that like any other product you apply to your skin there are always minor injury risks involved and we outline possible risks below and explain why this can happen. 99.9% of our users enjoy safe and easy use. The below information ensures users can avoid injury relating to skin abrasions, irritation and blisters and have a positive experience.

Application Safety “Do’s and Don’ts”:

  • – Do not use two lifts layered on top of each other, this may cause the skin to overheat and may cause heat bubbles/blisters as below.
  • – Perky Pear tape can be cut before application but never cut after the tape has been applied to the skin as this can cause the tape to unstick if peeled back or injury using scissors.
  • – Rubbing the tape can make the adhesive bond tighter through friction due to it being heat activated so please follow all instructions on the videos and instruction page here.


  • – We ask all customers from our site and our authorised retailers to follow our application instructions provided and as shown on product photos, application illustrations and videos. Please do not misuse the tape or apply incorrectly as you risk skin injury and strain.
  • – Always apply in the mirror to ensure correct positioning.
  • – Do not pull the tape higher than the fleshier part of the breast bone/breast tissue this can cause strain to thinner areas like the collar bone. The tape should never be applied to the centre of the chest where skin is thinner and never near the neck. The breast lift tape should only be applied to breast tissue and the breast area below the shoulder. Stretching inwards and too high, applying to areas near the neck and collar bone will cause strain and injury as the tape should not support the breasts from here. If our products are stretched as high as the collar bone or touching the base of your neck you have misused the product. Please remove for your safety.
  • – The tape should be flat and smooth on the skin, any ruching can cause the tape to rub.

Removal Safety:

  • – Never rip the tape off dry skin as this can result in minor tearing and breaking of the skin. Pressing down firmly on the skin/ breast whilst pulling the tape is most effective and stops the pull to the skin. See our removal videos here:
  • – Always use your favourite moisturiser or oil (coconut or baby oil) around the edges of the tape to help dissolve the adhesive when removing to stop any pull. Oil-based is better as this will dissolve the adhesive.
  • -Start from the bottom corner and pull up gently taking it slowly. Do not peel down and against the skin.

Skin Over Heating and Warm Weather:

Do not apply on sunburnt skin and skin which has been exposed to the sun for long periods from sunbathing. Do not wear in direct sunlight, Users MUST NOT sunbathe in the tape at any costs or sit out in the sun wearing the tape as this may increase heat irritation and cause water blisters on rare occasions.

-Please be extra vigilant if you are choosing to wear the tape to festivals or other daily events in the summer/in the sun. If you are hot then your skin will be warm also which can cause the adhesive to bond more tightly to the skin and increase the below chances of a water blister, see below.

-Customers who choose to wear the tape on holiday, outside in the sun, or direct sunlight and warm stuffy environments such as clubs or crowded events must be aware of all risks. Heat blisters and abrasions occur only when the skin overheats as the adhesive glue in the tape is heat activated, see below for further detail.

Water Bubbles & Skin Abrasions:

Skin can overheat when the tape is worn for prolonged periods, if the skin is sensitive to having this type of product on the skin and if the skin underneath the tape is getting hot and irritated. When skin becomes hot, skin pores can swell which then fill with water as your pores try and cool down, this can result in small raised water bubbles on the surface of the skin which can tear when the tape is removed resulting in abrasions where the skin is torn from the blister. There is an even higher risk of this happening when wearing your tape in the sun. This can happen in any weather and circumstance but increases in warm weather and particularly hot environments such as night clubs and warm out door events etc. Risks are low but this can happen due to the heat-activated adhesive. Stay skin safe.

Please seek medical advice if an injury does occur. Our help team has over 3 years experience with all products and will helpfully advise how this has happened but they are not qualified to give medical advice. Customers should not apply the tape until reading all of the safety information. Bigger busts may experience this more due to the weight of the breasts, If you start to feel any itching it may be a sign that your skin is overheating or getting hot and irritated. Discontinue use immediately as this is a sign that your skin is too sensitive for the tape. Users should not feel any irritation at all whilst wearing the tape. Always where possibly do a “Test run” of wearing the tape too an occasion if you have never worn the products before.

Red Marks/Bumps & Swirls:

Skin sensitivity can differ from person to person and on rare occasions where irritation occurs, users may experience temporary redness, raised bumps or slight skin discolouration on occasions after use and they can be in a swirly pattern because of the tapes adhesive backing in-print (the in-print is also prominent when the user is wearing fake tan as the adhesive will strip the tan). It is normal to find redness or darker marks after removing the tape this occurs as the tape stimulates blood circulation to the area making the pores appear pink or darker. This is temporary and will fade as the skin cools and when the adhesive is removed from the skin (exfoliate gently after use). Bigger busts may experience this more due to the weight of the breasts, If you start to feel any itching it may be a sign that your skin is overheating or getting hot and irritated.


  • If you notice any itching or irritation after applying Perky Pear tape you should remove instantly. Our tape is medical grade and medically/ CE approved for safe use on the skin however this reaction signifies an allergic reaction.

No Itchiness or irritation should be felt at all. If you start to feel irritation is can be a sign that you are allergic to the acrylic adhesive or the tape is pulling on your skin or your skin is getting too hot. You should not be able to feel the tape and the tape should not strain or pull on the skin. If this happens you may need to upsize for more support in the future. Your skin may be sensitive even if you are not allergic to acrylic and skin sensitivity can differ from person to person, if this is your first time wearing our products, wear for a maximum of 3-4 hours and see how your skin reacts. If you are not sure if you are allergic to acrylic please don’t use the product and seek medical advice first.

Skin Allergies:

Perky Pear® tape has a skin-friendly, thermoplastic medical-grade acrylic adhesive to one side. If you experience any itching, irritation, burning or discomfort, remove the tape immediately. If you are allergic to adhesive, acrylic, elastane or similar products such as band-aids (plasters), do not use Perky Pear® tape.

The tape sourced is CE approved and certified. If you are unsure of any allergies do not use the products and consult a doctor first if uncertain. If rashes occur due to allergic reactions Perky Pear Ltd cannot be held responsible and it is the user’s responsibility to ensure safe use and read all information provided before continuing with the product.

Wear Time Safety Guide:

  • Our tape will stay until peeled off however we have wear time guides for safe use.
  • -First-time users, please wear for 3-4 hours to test how your skin reacts
  • Smaller sizes A-D – Wearing for 4-6 hours at a time is recommended.
  • -Larger sizes DD+ we recommend a wear time of only up to 4/5 hours

-Excessive wear time may cause more pulling to the skin leading to irritation.
Wait 72 hours before wearing another set of Perky Pear® tape. We advise not wearing the tape again the next day as the skin will be sensitive.

Sizing Down Risks:

Perky Pear® recommends users wear their correct size lifts. If uncertain about sizes always go for the larger size bracket.


ATTENTION: Though extremely rare the tape sourced and used by Perky Pear® Ltd is not completely exempt from causing blistering and marks. A small percentage of users may experience blisters. Perky Pear® Ltd cannot guarantee users completely free from injury as skin sensitivity can differ between users.


Perky Pear Ltd will not provide any products to our users until the terms and conditions are accepted and acknowledged, our terms include this safety disclaimer. Once accepted at the checkout the customer can then purchase our products.
5. Perky Pear® LTD cannot be held responsible for any injury caused. Perky Pear asks that users do not abuse or overuse the products. It is the customer’s responsibility to read all terms and conditions and watch all how to apply and remove videos before using the tape. By purchasing the products the customer accepts all possible damages and injuries that may occur and has agreed to the terms and conditions stated. No products can be sold to the user unless the terms and conditions are accepted, our terms include the above safety disclaimer. Once accepted the user can then pay and receive the goods.
5a. All merchandise contained on this website is sold under the condition that we cannot guarantee the user freedom from injury. This website and the information, services, products and materials contained on are provided on an “as is” basis without any warranty. PERKY PEAR® Ltd disclaims all representations and warranties, expressed or implied, as to the operation of the website and the information, services, products, and materials on this website, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. Under no circumstance will PERKY PEAR® Ltd be liable for damages of any kind arising from the use of this website or any goods or services obtained on this website, including direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special or punitive damages (even if PERKY PEAR® Ltd has been advised of the possibility of such damages), to the fullest extent permitted by law.
5b. Do not use Perky Pear® Tape if you have been diagnosed with cancer as it may interfere with treatment and disease management strategies employed by your medical professionals. Please note that the use of adhesives may cause your skin to become lighter or darker where the adhesive was in contact with your skin. Do not use on broken skin, sunburn, rashes or if you have any skin pigmentation/disorders or if you’re breastfeeding or lactating.
5c. The adhesive sourced by Perky Pear Ltd is medical grade and CE approved and used globally in the physiotherapy and athletic industries. Perky Pear Ltd sources the material from a certified approved manufacturer and does not own the material used for our trademarked design.
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