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Size Guide

All breasts are different shapes and sizes. That’s what makes them so beautiful! Our tape is based on average back sizes (32-36) If you have a larger back the breasts may be wider than the guide above so we recommend up sizing if this is the case. We go up to a G however if you are a cup size H with a small back then our G tape should fit you.

Perky Pear Breast Lift Tape Size Guide


Perky Pear Bandeau Size Guide


Our sizes are based on UK bra sizes. A USA size DDD is equivalent to a UK E. You can check the bra size converter for you country here:


Perky Pear® recommends users wear their correct size lifts. if users choose to wear a smaller size lift than their regular bra cup size, injury can occur as a result from over stretching the tape resulting in more pull on the skin. Users who have chosen to downsize must only wear for a shorter time period of 3 hours max and we cannot guarantee the user completely free from injury when downsizing. Do not under any circumstances size down by more than one size. Always check our size guides and wear the size bracket your regular cup size falls into and avoid downsizing where possible.

Size Guide
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