Sweetheart Tape

The perfect fuss free solution for full support & lift in sweetheart, strapless and thin strap styles for E-F cups
 Sweetheart Tape
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2 products

Perky Pear Boob Support Tape, Voted Best by Press!

Introducing Perky Pear boob tape - the ultimate solution for keeping boobs lifted & supported without a bra! Our patented boob tape is perfect to wear for those tricky clothing items that are deep plunge, backless or strapless. With our sweat proof & super strong boob tape, you can say goodbye to embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions and hello to confidence, support and comfort in any style!

Our boob lift tape is incredibly versatile and easy to use. After cleansing the chest area of any oils, peel off the removable layer from our Perky Pear boob tape and apply. Our sticky adhesive boob tape is so lightweight and comfortable that you'll hardly notice it's there. Sweatproof, waterproof and hypoallergenic it can stay in place all day or night.

Boob Tape for Dresses - Backless, Low Cut and More

Our boob tape is perfect for all types of clothing, including low-cut tops, backless dresses, and strapless styles. It can help you achieve a more lifted, defined and perky bustline, without the need for a bra. So whether you are searching for boob tape for backless dresses or boob tape for strapless dresses we can help!

Try our perky pear boob tape today and experience the difference for yourself! Whether you're heading to a special event or just want a seamless strapless lift, our boob hold tape will help you look and feel your best, no matter what you wear.

Our Boob Tape Range - The Best Boob Tape

Looking to buy boob tape? Look no further, our Perky Pear boob tape range can accommodate cup sizes A-G. 

The lift and shape boob tape comes up to the breast bone to support heavy breasts giving up to a 5-inch lift! If you are looking for boob tape for large breasts, take a look at our size guide to see if we can help.

Made from lightweight cotton and the same elasticity as human skin, our strong boob tape provides a second skin feel that stretches and moves with you for a long-lasting hold. 

Good boob tape can help you achieve the look you want, and with the best boob lift tape and technique, you can create a more lifted and defined bustline, without the need for a bra.


Is Perky Pear boob tape safe to use on skin?

Yes, our  boob tape is safe to use on the skin. It is made of patented adhesive technology that is designed to be gentle on the skin when worn or removed. However, it is always a good idea to test the tape on a small skin area first, especially if you have sensitive skin or a history of allergies. Please read the safety guide in every pack before applying. 

How long does boob tape last?

Our Perky Pear boob tape lasts until you remove it! But we recommend a safe wear time of up to 8 hours once applied. 

Please note: do not apply the tape to the skin and then unpeel it to reposition – It will not stick a second time. Tapes are for one-time use so we recommend applying them in a mirror.

Can boob tape be used with any type of clothing?

Nude boob tape can be used with most types of clothing, including low-cut tops, backless dresses, and strapless gowns. Find our mini lifts, DIY rolls, clear tape and our popular lift and shape boob tape to suit all your wardrobe needs!