Here at Perky Pear HQ we are experts in turning saggy breasts into fabulous perky breasts and our tape was made with different sag levels in mind!

The cotton based material moulds to your shape and the cotton fibres mean that sweat and air can circulate so no sweating off these bad boys! The heat activated adhesive works with your body so the hotter you get the stickier the adhesive becomes rather than just sweating off!

Perky Pear breast lift and shape tape lifts G cups buy 5 inches, in fact the more sag you have the better lift you get!

But what else can us girls do to defy gravity and naturally improve the sagginess of our breasts? Well we did our research and there’s a couple of natural things you can do to ensure your girls don’t go south to soon!


Maintain an Optimal Weight

If you are someone who struggles with weight, and if gain and lose weight continuously and fail to stay at a steady optimal weight, it could take a toll on your breasts. Your skin, especially over the breasts, loses elasticity when stretched. Also when you lose weight, you can lose fat from the breasts very fast as compared to other parts of the body. This continuous stretching and relaxing of the skin makes it droop and sag over time.


Drink Plenty of Water

According to experts at the University of Wisconsin Hospitals, the skin is comprised of cells that are predominantly made up of water. Lack of water takes a toll on the skin, and can make the skin over your breast look shrunken and dull. When there is less water in your body the skin doesn’t receive the requisite amount and might look flaky, dry and get wrinkled. This could lead to premature aging of the skin around the breasts making it lose firmness and sag.



This fruit is considered a wonderful anti-aging ingredient and can help prevent sagging breasts. Pomegranate seed oil is rich in phyto-nutrients that can lead to firm breasts.


Aloe Vera

This amazing plant has natural skin-tightening properties that can help get rid of sagging breasts. The antioxidants in aloe vera prevent damage caused by free radicals and help firm sagging breasts. Apply aloe vera gel to the breasts and massage gently in a circular motion for 10 minutes. Allow it to sit in the skin for another 10 minutes, then wash it off with cold water. Repeat this remedy 4 or 5 times a week to get effective results.


Breast Exercise

It is said that the right exercises can keep your breasts perky, however, since breasts are made up of fat, not muscle—technically there’s nothing to tighten or tone. But chest exercises can help improve the appearance of your pectoral area by strengthening surrounding ligaments, which in turn may make them appear more lively, stated Anne Taylor, MD, a clinical assistant professor of plastic surgery at Ohio State University.

The easiest and most popular exercise to add firmness to breasts is to do push-ups, which strengthen the pectoral muscles beneath the breasts. Overall, it will help to shape up the breast and reduce the excess fat deposits around the chest. Lifting weights can also strengthen pectoral muscles, including curls, chest presses, dumbbell flyes and many other variations you can try that make you feel your chest muscles working.

There’s also a recipe on how to make the perfect breast mask! Yes you guessed it, just like a regular face mask breast masks can also help firm up the skin in the ol boob department! so if you want to get handy in the kitchen here’s how to make a Vitamin E Oil & Egg Breast Mask:

Make a paste consisting of:

  • 1 Tbsp Plain Yogurt
  • 1 Tbsp Vitamin E Oil
  • 1 Egg


  • Apply this paste over your breast and rub it in nicely.
  • Leave on for about half an hour.
  • Rinse it off with cold water .

And if all this fails at giving your boobs that extra lift, we have a natural solution that will allow you to go braless and feel confident in those backless, plunge and strapless styles!

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