Our Story So far...

Our Story So far...

We are celebrating that we have been officially launched now for two months!! And what an incredible two months it has been!

If you don’t follow us on social media or you just want to know more, then I wanted to take some time out to let you guys know what we have been up to over the past 8 weeks!

Our product launched after a successful star studded product launch back in April (arranged by the fabulous The Social PR) and has been available for sale on our
website for only 2 months and already we have almost sold out!! Which means we have some seriously Perky and confident ladies out there at the moment!

We have had customers purchasing world wide and have been overwhelmed by the response. the feedback has been incredible with some of
our customers saying that it has changed their whole outlook on fashion and
their bodies. (we post all reviews on our site under the products and our
Instagram page @perkypearofficial)

We have many women messaging us their results with one
customer beyond excited as she was considering having a breast lift procedure. Our brand is all about body confidence so as women who also use our
own product, to be able to give that to others is without a doubt our best
achievement yet! Keep sending us your results ladies!

We have also just celebrated landing our first UK stockist
which we’re proud to announce as global fashion brand Pretty Little Thing.com which is beyond our
wildest dreams
as a brand who isn’t even a year old yet and only a few weeks in!!

We’re now in the
process of finding stockists for America and already have stockist lined up for
Canada and Australia and two more UK.

The success of Perky Pear so far has been
unimaginable for us and is now being run by Samantha and myself Charlotte, we
are also twin sisters so a perfect pair to run the business (excuse the pun) 9
weeks in and we are moving into our office space next month and have already
had to triple our order to our manufacturer to keep up with demand.

I hope our story encourages women in business to go for what
they want but also that if you have an idea, big or small, go for it! You never
know how big it may turn out!

We can’t wait for what else is in store for us! Dream big and stay Perky ladies!

Charlotte x

Assistant Executive Director of Perky Pear Ltd