New Year, Same You - How to Enter 2024 with Confidence in Yourself

New Year, Same You - How to Enter 2024 with Confidence in Yourself

We get bombarded with the same messages of New Year, New You by social media, the internet, friends and family... and while it's a great time to reflect and set goals, we should have the confidence to keep being ourselves. Being a business that is made by women, for women, Perky Pear came up with 4 top tips to shine from the inside out for 2024:


Do what's best for YOU, not anybody else 💆‍♀️

  • Do exercise because YOU want to, not for societal pressure, an event, or appeasing others, or just general expectation.
  • Don't restrict food to look a certain way, eat nourishing food and do what's good for YOU.
  • Wear clothes and accessories that make YOU feel comfortable and good, not to please anyone else and be uncomfortable.

Nobody should be telling you what to wear, eat and making you feel that you have to exercise -  be happy doing what you want to do for yourself, not for others validation. Hopefully you're wearing your Perky Pears because you want to feel completely fabulous, be comfortable and happy ✨


Get out in nature🍃

While the weather is currently dismal being the start of the year, getting out in nature for even 30 minutes a day can help boost wellbeing and lower stress levels. Going for a quick 30 minute walk a day will get your blood pumping and make you feel that bit better. Researchers from the UKCEH and the University of Derby found that all people who participated in a project looking at the correlation to wellbeing and nature, reported higher levels of wellbeing and greater connectedness to nature after taking part (read more here). Perky Pear approved!


Love yourself, inside and out, and each other 👩‍❤️‍👩

 Practise self compassion and self love. Everyone makes mistakes, nobody is perfect, but we are perfect just as we are. Make sure that you're kind to yourself, and others - with everything that's going on in the world at the moment, practising compassion can make all the difference. A study from Psychology Today claims that complimenting people and receiving compliments boosts your mood, and theirs - what's not to love? (read more here)


Focus on things that make you happy - and don't compare yourself to others 🧘

Whether it's exercise, reading or yoga, do hobbies that enrich you, feel good for the soul and make you feel nourished. Don't compare yourself to others, they're on a different journey to you. Embrace your uniqueness and individuality. However, if you want to find like minded people who also love the same hobbies, all the better! At Perky Pear we embrace all women's uniqueness, and our products tailor to all shapes and sizes.


How can Perky Pear help? 🍐

Perky Pear aims to help you feel confident in your skin if that's what works for you, and makes you feel confident. We love empowering women, and we want you to look and feel your absolute best, whether that makes you feel comfortable, look amazing, or just radiating confidence ✨

With our whole range of Boob Tape that we offer, from cup sizes A-G, and accessories to suit your body type, we want you to be your best self in 2024 here at Perky Pear 💅