Top Christmas Party Boob Tape & Styling Tricks

Top Christmas Party Boob Tape & Styling Tricks

Xmas parties mean one thing! Getting dressed up and dancing the night away to Maria Carey whilst sipping copious amounts of Prosecco!

So you need to make sure your outfit stays in place through all the dance moves! 

That's why Perky Pear invented a sweat proof motion proof boob tape that is your Xmas party saviour!

So we've put together key Christmas party styling tips and tricks that will help you wear anything with confidence! 


Use hair spray to prevent feet from slipping in heels

Spray hair spray on the soles of your heels to prevent your feet from slipping down!

You can also use Double Sided Fashion Tape on the sole of the heels to prevent your feet from slipping!

Fake tanning tricks

It's December so we're all in need with a little fake glow! Did you know that intant false tans can stop your boob tape from sticking! When applying boob tape ensure that your skin is freshly clean and thuroughly dry and free from loitions, perfumes, make up, moisturiers and fake tans! 

If you want a glow and you also want to wear Perky Pear Boob Tape we recommend applying a gradual tanning product that is then washed off so that there is no residue on the skin. Make sure skin is thoroughly dry and not tacky before applying your breast lift tape.

Stop heels from rubbing with clear boob tape

Our Perky Pear Invisible Lift Tape is a discreet way to protect your heels from rubbing! Apply a small square to the back of your heels to stop your shoes or heels from rubbing! 


Choose the best boob tape that holds and stays!

Perky Pear Lift & Shape Boob Tape is sweat proof, motion proof and Xmas party proof! Our range of Breast lift tapes caters for sizes A-H with options for small and large breasts.

Our tape has a heat activated adhesive that gets stronger the longer it's worn. The cotton and cleverly designed adhesive is applied with gaps allowing air and sweat to evaporate so that sweat doesn't gather under the tape preventing the tape coming loose!

Our tape has a stretch that moves with you like a second skin allowing you to move freely without the boob tape from pinging off.

Perky Pear Lift & Shape Boob tape can be cut to suit any neckline! 


Secure clothing & take up hems with fashion tape

Perky Pear Double Sided Adhesive Fashion Tape can be used to help with multiple fashion dilemmas! Use it to secure clothing in place to prevent any nip or boob tape slips or use to keep up hems without sewing!

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