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Moves with you for a long lasting hold

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Braless solution tape that works

The Best Body Tape-Lifted, Shaped & Supported Without The Straps!

Our body tape is cotton, sweat proof and motion-proof. You can dance & move whilst staying secure and wearing the styles you love

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boob tape on 2 breasts with arrows showing support and words "sweatproof" and "shock absorbing stretch" on them - pink backgroundboob tape on 2 breasts with arrows showing support and words "sweatproof" and "shock absorbing stretch" on them - pink background

Perky Tech


Our lift & shape tape is sweat proof, motion proof & definitely night out proof! Breathable cotton teamed with skin bonding adhesive for a strong hold that doesn't sweat off!


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Perky Pear F-G cup results

lady wearing boob tape on one breast highlighting how much boob tape supports the breasts with other breast hanging down with a nippple cover on it

lady with 2 boobs held up by boob tape - perky cleavage, lady has hands on hips with pink background

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FAQs About Perky Pear Tape

How do I properly apply perky pear tape for the best results?

Our tape offers exceptional versatility and is easy to apply. Start by cleaning the chest area to remove any oils. Then, peel off the removable layer from our Perky Pear boob tape and gently apply. The lightweight and comfy adhesive tape is sweatproof, waterproof, and hypoallergenic, ensuring a barely noticeable yet secure hold throughout the day or night.

Is perky pear tape suitable for all breast sizes?

Yes, Perky pear tape is suitable for various breast sizes, ranging from smaller to larger cup sizes. It's essential to choose the right tape, size and application technique based on your cup size and the level of lift and support you desire. We offer boob tape in different sizes and designs to accommodate different cup sizes and breast shapes effectively. Be sure to always watch our breast lift tape application videos.

Can I wear Perky Pear lift tape for an extended period without causing skin irritation?

Certainly! Ou Body tape is skin-safe. Utilising patented adhesive technology, it's crafted to be gentle on your skin during both application and removal. However, if you have sensitive skin or a history of allergies, it's important to conduct a patch test on a small skin area before full application. The safety guide provided in each boob tape pack should be thoroughly reviewed before use.

We suggest a safe wear time of up to 8 hours to ensure comfort and effectiveness.