Perky Pear On Victoria Warehouse Billboard!

Perky Pear On Victoria Warehouse Billboard!

We’re stopping traffic with our giant Perky Pear Billboard!

The billboard is Europes second largest billboard and is a part of Perky Pears recent UPLIFTINGYOU campaign.

We sat down with our founder Samantha to talk about the new UPLIFTINGYOU campaign which features TV star and the nations sweetheart Vicky Pattison and recent Perky activity!

– What is the #UPLIFTINGYOU campaign? What does it entail specifically? What is it’s aim? How did you come up with it? What issue does it address or solve?


“The UPLIFTINGYOU campaign is all about feeling good in your clothes. It’s not about hiding your flaws but embracing your good bits which Vicky explains perfectly in our behind the scenes video!


Our tape isn’t about making boobs look “perfect”or just for low cut styles. It allows the wearer to go braless and wear styles such as backless, deep plunge or even just get a seamless look (no bra bulges) so that they feel secure & supported in any style. Many of our customers say Perky Pear tape has allowed them to wear things they usually couldn’t due to not being able to go braless and our products have taken the stress and limitations out of their wardrobe options! We have also helped breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomy’s as our tape allows them to be able to go braless and wear more styles as our tape can support their breast prosthesis. We are here for all boobs to make women feel the best they can in their clothes!

– What is the extent of Vicky’s involvement in the campaign? Any future plans?


“Vicky is our brand ambassador, Vicky shows her audience her amazing results to show the amazing effect out tape has and the clothes she can wear now because of it and how her audience can do the same. Vicky posts regularly on her social media accounts and advocates feeling good in your skin. We love Vicky and plan to work with her continually as a brand ambassador and advocate for our Perky ethos which is to show realness and help women to feel good!”

– What is the importance of this campaign and how you feel to be working with Vicky?


“We love working with Vicky because she is the epitome of what Perky Pear as a brand stands for which is showing real and raw beauty and making women feel good by offering products that allow women to go braless and say yes to any style without restrictions because we have enough things to worry about than how to hide bra straps!”

-Any more exciting plans this year?


“We always have exciting activity going on! We will be launching with new retailers this year and have also begun our USA press and retail activity! We also have a charity initiative launching in September to support breast cancer awareness which includes a new product! So stay tuned!