Why you should be getting your boobs measured every 6 months!

Why you should be getting your boobs measured every 6 months!

How knowing your bra size will also help you get the best results with Boob Tape

Statistically 90% of women are wearing the wrong bra size!

Boobs are not muscles, they are delicate glandular tissue which, whether large or small, needs to be supported, especially as we age. A properly fitted bra can help reduce back pain and headaches for large breasted women, and can help improve posture, overall appearance and enhance self-esteem for all women. The right undergarments play an important role in helping to enhance how your clothes fit and look on your body.

It is recommended that you should have bra fitting every six months to a year. Breast size and shape fluctuates continually throughout our life for many reasons such as diet, weight change, exercise, medications, pregnancy, menopause or illness.

So why are we talking about bra's as a boob tape company?

Perky Pear doesn't offer a one size fits all solution! (That's not a solution!)

Our breast lift tape comes in sizes and if you don't know your correct bra size you may also be selecting the wrong tape size! 

Perky Pear Original Lift & Shape tape is based on 34 average back size. This means that if you are a 36 + back size you should be getting the next cup size up based on a wider breast or adding our Cleavage Sculpting Strips for extra support where you need them! 

When you wear bra's that fit correctly they change the way you feel, they help clothes fit better and that is the same for our adhesive breast tape range. 

Check out our size guide 

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