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Boobtape That's Waterproof & Sweat Proof For A-G Cup Sizes

Boobtape That's Waterproof & Sweat Proof For A-G Cup Sizes

If you told us that there is a Boob Tape that existed that lifts A-G cup sizes, is sweat proof and doesn’t loose stickiness through the day/night but in fact gets stronger AND it is waterproof we would say YAH, it’s called Perky Pear Lift & Shape Tape® and we are the largest breast lift tape range on the market providing bust lifting & boob boosting solutions for most cup sizes!

The reason our boob tape is SWEAT PROOF & WATERPROOF is because of the way the adhesive is applied and the fast drying cotton blend fibres . You can even swim in Perky Pear® tape and it will dry gradually so you can continue to wear it to lunch after which we show in our recent Miami Shoot!

Perky Pear® Tape adhesive is also applied uniquely unlike other tape brands. Our adhesive is applied with gaps so that air and sweat can circulate meaning you wont get too sweaty under the tape and if you do it can evaporate out of the gaps instead of building up and making the tape loose. The acrylic based adhesive is also heat activated so the warmer you get (when you dance or move) the adhesive bonds tighter to the skin preventing it from getting weaker. You can see more of this breast tape tech here!

Our Mini Lifts are perfect under teeny bikini’s for extra lift or boost and our Original Lift & Shape Tape for larger cups is great in deep plunge swimsuits and can be cut shorter before applying so that it does not show in thinner strap styles.

So if our tape stays THAT well you’d think it would be hard to remove right? Wrong! Using our Cleavage Elixir Oil in our Tape Off Kits makes for a smooth easy removal while the oil also provides aftercare by reducing redness. Our oil is also collagen boosting thanks to its skin loving ingredients such as vitamin E , Avocado , Coconut & Rose Hip Oil.

We also recommend watching our super helpful removal videos and press down on the skin whilst pulling the tape to help release the tape easily.

Lets get Perky this spring/summer, feel good in our clothes and wear any style with no strap restrictions! Don’t let bad boob tape bring you down! We’re #UPLIFTINGYOU