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Perky Pear Breast Lift Tape Technology

Perky Pear Breast Lift Tape Technology

perky pear breast lift tape technology

Perky Pear breast lift tape is designed to mimic human skin, with roughly the same
thickness and elastic properties. The tape can be stretched 180% in the
longitudinal direction allowing the tape to stretch over the breast and it is this stretch and recoil effect that gives you
such an effective lift! It is a latex free material with acrylic adhesive,
which is heat activated meaning the longer you wear Perky Pears the stronger
they are, not weaker! This allows you to wear your tape with confidence for 6-8

Worried sweat will make them come off? The
cotton fibres allow for evaporation and quicker drying leading to longer wear
time. So dance with confidence and wear your Perky Pears under a plunging swim
suit at a hot pool party because these babies are going nowhere!

Perky Pear breast lift tape was founded by chance when or founder was seeking out something that would finally work! There is a huge gap in the
market for a product that can finally deliver a non surgical solution to an effective breast lift and although the concept exists no tape on the market stays true to
their word.

Our tape
shapes and adds fullness to both smaller and bigger busts so even if you don’t need
much lift it still adds a fuller look whilst adding support and reassurance
your boobs will stay put under deep plunge styles.

You can hardly feel it when
on! The thin material moulds to your shape and is so comfortable that you forget you’re wearing them and start to think that your boobs really are THAT perky! The fabric also helps clothes/ garments stay in place so no additional boob tape is needed and as it goes over your nipple no more uncomfortable paper nipple covers need to be worn, it really is the best boob tape/ breast lifting tape on the market!