Why Perky Pear Breast Lift Tape is The Best on The Market

Why Perky Pear Breast Lift Tape is The Best on The Market

Perky Pear’s Breast Lift Tape Actually Works…

At Perky Pear, we know that
adhesive breast lift tape and bras aren’t a new concept, and that there are a few options available that all promise a perky lifted cleavage up to an H cup. Some of these popular tapes and bras are below: (Perky Pear does not own or sell the below products/images.

As a woman, your boobs are extremely important to you. You use them to feed your babies and they are a huge part of your sexuality, but most importantly, you can’t change how they appear naturally! You get what you’re given! Big, small, saggy, perky, flat, deflated or full. Without going under the knife there is absolutely nothing you can do to change the natural appearance of your breasts.

Breast Lift Tape Developed by Women

Here at Perky Pear, our brand was developed by a women, including me – a 25 year old female who needs a little help in the boob lifting department – so this makes me their target consumer. As their customer I was sick of spending money and feeling cheated when the product didn’t do as advertised.

These brands sell an amazing concept that they know women like me will buy into and they use models to advertise said concept who already have perk and perfect cleavages and make you believe that yours will look that way too with the help of their adhesive products, which will allow you to go braless and wear the styles that restrict bra wearing. The only problem is
their models already have perfect boobs! Little miss perfect C cup over there didn’t even require the breast lift tape in the fist place and her after result looked exactly like the before!

Do they show before and after results of women who have lost weight and fullness and are a F cup? No.

Do they show you the effectiveness of their products on models with real boobs where gravity or child birth has taken its toll? Nope.

Why not? Because quite simply…
their products don’t work! They don’t lift and they fall off! They also don’t create a rounded shape but instead create crinkle lines, misshapen breasts and from testing the products they fall off within an hour or less! Most even come with uncomfortable nipple covers that weld themselves to your nipple to the point where you wear them for 3 days after hoping they eventually drop off and don’t bring your nipple along with them!

Was this just my experience or are you with me!?

If I wanted to wear a super deep plunge top that a bra would show in I would need breast lift tape but the current options not only disappoint in lifting and staying, but they show in the styles you most need them for!

I guarantee that most if not all of these breast lift tape and bra products have been created by a male. A male who doesn’t understand the female breasts; a male who hasn’t had to stick something to their nipples; a male who doesn’t have two balls of fat and tissue stuck to their chests.

These products are ineffective as they have clearly been created by someone without boobs!

Perky Pear breast lift tape was founded by chance. I made this tape for myself and friends for almost a year before I thought there was a real gap in the market for a product in this category that actually did the job right!

Our brand is driven by women with a passion to deliver an honest product and create confidence and assurance to the wearer of our tape and insure that they can finally wear the deep plunge styles, backless dresses and any other clothing they couldn’t previously wear.

We model our tape results on real women of all shapes and sizes to show just how real and amazing the results are! No bull s**t just honest results! What’s more we want to provide this at an affordable price. The above brands can retail up to £19-£30 and for the gel bras £25! Perfect boobs should be accessible for all and to give our consumers confidence is priceless to us!

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