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How Perky Pear was Founded

How Perky Pear was Founded

Hi Guys, Perky Pear founder here!

I’m a DD, and Perky Pear breast lift tape was created when I bought a deep plunge top which I loved but couldn’t wear after trying pretty much all the adhesive breast lift tape and bras on the market and finding that nothing worked!

It was incredibly frustrating (and bloody expensive!) as many sell a wonderful concept and make you believe the product works only for it to not deliver the results they advertise (usually on a model with already perfect boobs) and these are brands sold on most women’s retailers!

Perky Pear breast lift tape isn’t another concept or gimmick that is on the market to purely sell, sell, sell without caring about delivering a real solution like our competitors. Perky Pear boob lift tape has come to market because there’s a gap in it and space in this category for a product that really works.

I came across a material by absolute chance and thought “hey, this could work!’ so I ordered it and cut, stick and taped and found that my prototype not only worked well at lifting and holding my boobs incredibly for a serious amount of time, but it also shaped them to the point that people asked if i’d actually had a boob job!

The top that had sat in my wardrobe for nearly a year could now finally be worn. After making the lifting tape for my friends and family since March 2016 I then registered Perky Pear in April 2016. I perfected and protected the design and did a lot of leg work to find a manufacturer. After a lot of work PERKY PEAR tape is now finally being produced to my specifications. If I was in the frustrating position of finding nothing that worked and wasting my money then so many other women must also be in this situation and I had a solution!

Here at Perky Pear HQ, we are passionate about delivering an honest product, we model our tape on real women of all shapes and sizes, you wont see other adhesive bra or tape brands do this as their product doesn’t work on boobs that are bigger than a B cup and haven’t had gravity take its toll!

We know our breast lift tape works so we don’t need to glamourise it, and you will never need to question whether it will work on your size as we SHOW YOU it will.

As we are a new company there’s a lot of people asking the usual business jargon such as “what is your unique selling point”

My answer; our selling point is that we don’t need to sell, we show. Our before and after results speak for themselves and the major fact here is that I have tried the popular adhesive tape and bra brands and was not impressed and still could not wear those styles due to not being able to go braless. I am THEIR target market and if their products worked, my top would have been worn a long time ago and Perky Pear wouldn’t have been created, there wouldn’t have been a need to seek out another option and make my own!

So girls, we may be new and not stocked on all the retail sites (yet) but we are real, we’re not a faceless brand and we actually give a s**t about our product delivering results and we can’t wait to launch in the new year!

Follow our social accounts and check out our amazing before and after pictures and keep updated on our launch date and get exclusive money off codes! 😀


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