Loose 7lbs in 7 minutes with these products!

Loose 7lbs in 7 minutes with these products!

Night out essentials to make you look 7lbs lighter in just 7 minutes! Here at Perky HQ we know that on a night out you want to feel fabulous and confident! That’s why we’ve put a list of night out essentials together that make you appear slimmer in an instant and it’s not a cop pit, they really do have a slimming effect!


Fake tan is amazing at covering up any lumps and bumps. Tanned cellulite looks better than pale cellulite and it does have a magical ability to make you feel instantly slimmer and confident! A good glow will make you feel fabulous just be sure to not tan the areas you’re applying your Perky Pear tape to as false tan can hinder the adhesive! Check out our Tanning tips: https://perkypear.com/tanning-tips/


Getting your tan right can also have a huge impact of how smooth your skin appears! A well applied tan can cover a multitude of sins! Check out bronzieuk.com to shop their range of tanning mitts that make it super easy to get an all over flawless tan! They also have onesies so you don’t get your fave PJ’s covered in tan!!


Our Lift & Shape tape range caters for size A-G and we have three types of tape so we give you a lit & shape in any style! Our tape offers an extreme lift and shape to your breasts but another amazing thing that happens when your breasts are lifted is that your waist then appears longer and slimmer! Try it out, lift your boobs up with your hands and your tummy flattens out and your waist stretches!

perky pear lift & shape tape


So now your breasts are lifted and waist elongated with the help of our lift & shape tape, you can also tackle and tone your abdomen in seconds with the help of SPANX power panties! Shape wear is no longer a taboo subject. With nearly all fashion websites stocking shape wear instead of just lingerie stores it’s really nothing to be ashamed about plus you can fill up on dessert on date night because your food baby is seriously under control!

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