How does Perky Pear breast tape work?

How does Perky Pear breast tape work?

Lifted, rounded and extra Perky!

Perky Pear breast lift tape is the first stretchy, cotton-based breast tape to present the effect of a surgical breast lift, and while you may have seen reviews of our products or had friends tell you about Perky Pear breast tape, you may not know how our breast tape works.

While developing the Perky Pear original lift and shape breast tape, we knew we had to effectively eliminate all of the issues that were arising for other brands and causing girls to not only feel disappointed by the product, but misled by the provider. Having experienced this ourselves as customers, it was an absolute necessity that we provided girls like us with a genuinely great product that they could rely on and feel confident in.

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“Unlike any other breast lift tape on the market…”

The material used to create Perky Pear breast lift tape is completely unique to the products made available by other brands. Everything from the material and adhesive to the shape and quality. The durable cotton-based material moulds to your shape and creates a perfectly lifted & rounded cleavage.

The tape contains skin-mimicking thermoplastic adhesive, which is applied like a wave, allowing the tape to move with you and not against you. This prevents the breast tape coming loose and becomes strengthened with the help of your body heat. So, the hotter & sweatier you get, the stickier the tape becomes, meaning you can feel assured, wherever you are, that your breast tape is going to remain strong until you wish to remove it.

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Unlike other brands, the cotton in Perky Pear’s breast tape allows sweat to evaporate through the fibres, which prevents the tape coming loose over time. Amongst others, this was a common problem that other companies faced, and a problem that we felt made the available products on the market extremely flawed, so we made sure to tackle the issue head on. We now offer a range of natural breast lift solutions that girls know they can rely on.

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