Christmas is over babes and 2017 is coming to an end. The Perky Pear babes don’t really back the whole “new year, new you” thing, you don’t need to change anything about yourself girls we think you’re perfect as you are. We’re hoping you end the year with good vibes and hit 2018 with a c’est la f*cking vie attitude so we’ve rounded up a few ways to get you feel feeling fresh AF (including ditching the ex’s number).

– Detox your mind, forget about wrong decisions and bad mistakes.

– Make loads dinner dates (lots of restaurants have 50% off in Jan so it would be rude not to right?)

– All spent up? Organise cute at home prossecco parties with your girlfriends and put those Christmas games to good use!

– Delete bad pics from all those alcohol fuelled nights.

– De-clutter, throw away old clothes and donate unwanted stuff to charity.

Tips to help you decide: Does it fit? Do you need it? Will you use it? Could someone else make better use of it?

– Get your life organised, update your calendar and clear your emails.

– Delete unwanted phone contacts (the ex’s).

– “What you think, you become” We’re lovers of a good inspo quote and this one is so accurate. Think positive vibes babes, who knows what it could bring you.

– Try out a new style! Order that dress you might not think would suit you and you might be surprised (and if it does look terrible just return it!)

– TAKE THE PLUNGE! Wear that daring plunge neckline or backless dress as we got you covered! Start the new year with a fleeky cleavage.

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Ready for 2018 girls? Go slay it.