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Key Things to know when shopping for Boob Tape

Key Things to know when shopping for Boob Tape

All boob tape is not created equal!

Perky Pear boob tape is made in the UK and the materials used are medical grade with a hypoallergenic skin safe adhesive.

There are many copy products and other breast tapes on sale but does it mean that all boob tape is the same...

When looking for a boob tape there are a couple of things to consider:

Who is selling the boob tape and are they genuine?

This is a key one. It is always recommended that you shop with a credible brand like Perky Pear who have certification, CE approved products and adequate safety instructions and high grade materials. Also look at the companies imagery. Are they using their own images? Are they showing their product on their own model? Most the time, they're not!

Does all boob tape use the same adhesive?

Perky Pear uses a medical grade hypoallergenic adhesive on all of our boob tape products which is designed for use on the skin. It is also formulated for the chest area and is strong to hold a heavy cup size due to its skin bonding properties. This adhesive is dissolved by an oil which is the safest way to remove boob tape. We have also formulated our own removal and after care oil due to our level of care.

We have come across companies using completely different adhesive which can cause irritation, isn't as effective at holding heavy breasts and it is a completely different formulation. We have built our formulation to have your skin, comfort and hold in mind, as empowering women is at the core of our business.

How do I know if boob tape will work for me?

Perky Pear are a women lead company. We know that when your purchase boob tape it is to feel good in your clothing and wear tricky necklines. It helps creates confidence and lifts a weight off your shoulders (pun intended!). We want you to feel fabulous whatever the occasion, from the inside and out!

We are always clear which of our boob tape products suits certain cup sizes. We would never recommend that an F cup wears our DIY boob tape or Mini Lifts as it won't do the job! We note on each of our boob tape products which sizes the breast lift tape is suitable for. We also have a helpful boob tape size guide! that will provide more details on exactly the size you need. Make sure you know your true breast size before purchasing our products. Choosing the right size boob tape is crucial for safe wear and good results!

Why is Perky Pear voted best boob tape by press?

Perky Pear boob tape was voted best by press largely because of its innovative designs. All of our breast lift tape is designed in house in the UK. Our boob tape and best selling product the Original Lift & Shape Tape is designed as a one lightweight layer shaped to cup the sides of the breast to give a natural rounded shape and support whilst the slanted side stays discreet in plunge styles. The rounded edges help distribute tension so that the edges don't pull on the skin.

The materials used in our boob tape are also of the highest quality - developed from physiotherapy tape, we have health, safety and comfort at the forefront of all of our designs;

✔️ The cotton fibres are breathable and allow heat and sweat to evaporate.

✔️ The clever gaps in the adhesive also help this evaporation preventing sweat from building up under the boob tape. This means it doesn't sweat off and you can even swim in your tape! 

✔️ The tape is made with the same elasticity as human skin, giving you the ultimate maneuverability and comfort.

✔️ The tape is heat activated, which means the longer it's on, the stronger it gets! You won't have to worry about your Pears slipping off anytime in the night or day.

You can see more information about all our products at perkypear.com