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Can Shapewear & Boob tape coexist in the body positivity space?

Can Shapewear & Boob tape coexist in the body positivity space?

Do products like boob tape, shape wear and other products that smooth and shape the body fit into the body positivity space or are they a contradiction?

The body positivity community can be divided with this topic. Some state that you should be proud of your mum tum, embrace your dimples and simply not care what people think. Others say that body positivity is all about inclusivity, all sizes and being empowered in the choices you make with your body and what you wear.

At Perky Pear HQ we have always been on the side that shape wear, boob tape, make up and pretty much any product that makes you feel good should and can totally coexist in the body positive world!

Whether you choose to wear boob tape for security in loose fitting clothes and shape wear to help you feel comfortable post baby in a certain dress, women should be able to do so without being ridiculed, judged or even blamed for being a hypocrite because "if you loved your body you wouldn't want to change it!!!" 

Body positivity can be a hard thing for a lot of women to exercise every single day. Body neutrality and acceptance along with the prerogative to do what we want to do with our bodies should be the main goal of this movement. It shouldn't be about telling women what NOT to do, or what NOT to wear. 

Perky Pear boob tape is simply a no strap, seamless version of a bra which offers a lifting solution in tricky styles. It allows our customers to feel secure in tricky styles where a bra can't be worn. If boob tape goes against being body positive then so should bra wearing or doing your hair in the morning. A woman wanting to wear make up, shave her arm pits and legs, wear nice lingerie, shape wear or boob tape does not and should not mean she does not love her body.

Products like shape wear and boob tape can help women feel confident in certain styles. It can give the wearer confidence to wear a certain wedding dress they would have perviously ignored. Our tape has helped  breast cancer survivors wear their prosthesis in a backless dress they never thought they would wear again. 

To suggest that people should be completely natural, underwear, make up and product free in order to be accepted as "Body positive" should not be the case.

At Perky Pear we are pro women feeling good. How they do that is completely up to them. Our goal has always been to show a variety of women in our marketing. No editing and showcase women you see daily. We offer solutions that help women feel confident in their styles. Our boob tape isn't about looking perfect or needing to look a certain way, it's simply about personal preference! 

Make up brands don't tell you that your face SHOULD be perfectly smooth, shape wear brands don't tell you that your waist needs to be a certain measurement. We left that in the early 2000's thankfully! 

Like Boob tape, these products are here to enhance your natural beauty, they're here if you need them and you can use them in any way you want to feel your best. 

So what do you think? Can these products co exist in the body positivity world?