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Why we are called Perky Pear®

Why we are called Perky Pear®

Has anyone noticed that our logo is both a pear and a boob?!

The shape of our logo represents the shape of our breast lift tape and also the breast it is used on. The name also correlates with the shape of the product and is a play on the words “perky pair” which is what you achieve with our breast lift and shape tape! The colour green also represents nature as we offer a natural breast lift solution! Bet you never guessed so much thought went into our branding huh??

Our tape design is exclusively owned by us and works as an all in one solution. We’ve tried many different tapes before and the one thing that worked against us (especially for larger breasts) was cutting and sticking layers of tape which resulted in a large block of tape which could be seen in outfits and the some of the tape layers peeling each other off due to the weight of heavier breasts! Our shape and design is an all in one shape to ensure it stays put and is shaped perfectly to not be seen in deep plunge, halterneck and backless styles.The shape is also designed to cup the breast fully to give that rounded natural look and the slanted side ensures no tape is seen in wide set plunge styles. No cutting, no taping, no fuss and perfectly hidden! Just place and go!

Our Boob tape was founded by our E cup founder Samantha who also tried every boob tape and adhesive bra on the market but found nothing that lifted or shaped! Our breast lift & shape tape was tested for a whole year before coming to market and the testing process was extremely thorough! We’re talking wearing 8 different prototype designs on nights out, at gigs and even date nights to decide what shape was best and how long the tape held for so we’re pretty clued up here at PP HQ on how effective our tape is!

FUN TIP: The original Perky Pear lifts were going to be the shape you see on the backing paper of our current lifts! (it’s also the shape of our logo!) Although the shape of the lifts was adapted the logo stayed the same!

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Stay Perky Babes!