You can workout In Perky Pear Lift & Shape Tape!

Did you checkout our founders workout wearingPerky Pear Tape on Instagram?

Gym’s have closed so our founder wanted to share her at home workout with you and show you just how sweat proof Perky Pear Tape really is!!

If not don’t worry because here it is again proving that PerkyPear Lift & Shape Tape is 100% sweat proof and motion proof!

Sports bra’s can be restricting and bulky (especially if you are a larger cup who needs more support!) Our Lift & Shape Tape gives the same support as a sports bra with the same motion and sweat proof capabilities!

Our tape is 100% rayon cotton and our patented adhesive is applied with gaps so that sweat and air can circulate and evaporate through the cotton without gathering under the adhesive and causing the tape to sweat off! That’s why if you buy tape that doesn’t have our logo on it won’t work the way Perky Pear works!

Watch our E cup founder do a 30 minute HIT work out after wearing her tape for 8 hours with no budge!