Here at Perky HQ we know the struggle of wanting to get a little perkier! We don’t disagree with surgical solutions at all to get your pair perky permanently, we just wanted to offer a natural solution that was affordable but offered the same results although temporary! Whether it’s tape or surgery it seems that all women are on board with wanting their breasts to look full and perky, but do they…

Chidera Eggerue, 23, from London, started the #SaggyBoobsMatter movement online to encourage women to embrace their natural bodies and challenge society’s obsession with “perfect” breasts. All bodies are different and our brand ethos is to celebrate your body and wear what gives you confidence! If it’s boob tape great! we got you, but if its going au natural then you’ve got that yourself!

Chidera says ” When I’m wearing an outfit without a bra, I often get stares from people so trapped in their own insecurities that the sight of someone else taking charge of their body intimidates them. Majority of the time, people’s problems with you are an extension of their problems with themselves. It’s hard enough, trying to silence the voice in your head telling you that you will never be good enough so why make room for an external voice that will only amplify that self-hating voice?

Due to under-representation of saggy-looking boobs in the media, we are all taught that there’s only one way to be beautiful and that includes having super perky boobs”

She certainly has a point. The mediais constantly showing us images of perky breasts so it can make you feel like this is how they should look but there’s also nothing wrong with wanting perky breasts because you’ve seen them on TV. Just like seeing a new hair cut in a magazine and wanting to replicate that too.

It’s all about personal preference. If you see a model with saggy breasts and think that’s the look you want then great and if you see one with perky breasts and decide that’s the look you want to go for then that’s great too! Now with the help of our Perky Pear breast lift and shape tape there is now a non surgical solution to achieve the same perky fuller look! If both perky and saggy breasts were shown in the media it doesn’t make either better than the other. Same goes for petit and plus size models shown on websites. everybody has different options on how they want to look and no decision is wrong.

I created Perky Pear breast lift and shape tape because it was a personal feeling that I wanted my breasts to look fuller and perkier. I also just wanted to feel secure and make sure that no nip slips would occur half way through bouncing around the dance floor.

So ladies celebrate your damn self and if you do want that perky look without the surgery then head our way we got you! Shop 15% off with code PERKYEASTER