Perky Pear breast lift & shape tape- Why we're the best boob tape!

Perky Pear breast lift & shape tape- Why we're the best boob tape!

Perky Pear breast lift tape is a safe & effective non-surgical solution to making your
breasts look more perky and shapely whilst wearing your favourite outfits. This
has been promised by all breast lift tape brands currently on the market but
yet there is still a need for something that actually does the job right. The
adhesive breast lift tape was designed and developed by women to ensure it met
the requirements of every user and didn’t follow suit of other adhesive boob
tape providers that produced common problems such as poor endurance or high

Latex-free & Sweat Resistant!

Latex is a common
irritant to many women, and as Perky Pear wanted to develop a product that
solved problems; not caused them, the Perky Pear developers made the boob lift
tape out of a latex-free material. Not only that – the adhesive is acrylic
which is heat activated, meaning the longer you wear your breast lift tape, the
stronger it will become. This makes you able to wear your Perky Pear tape for
an incredible 6-8 hours!

Perky Pear breast lift tape is the first cotton
based breast lift tape meaning it moulds to your shape and the cotton
breathable material makes it sweat proof as your skin can breathe giving you an
amazing 8 hours wear! This is where all current breast lift tape companies go
wrong as their tape is PVC based, doesn’t stretch and isn’t breathable meaning
as soon as your body gets hot, any sweat will make the tape come loose. Perky Pear’s
cotton based durable fabric also means that when you move or dance the lifts
won’t come loose another problem when wearing current breast lift tape.

Prolonged wear & Endurance

The endurance of Perky
Pear breast lift tape far surpasses that of other brands, which fail to deliver
on promises of a ‘6-8 hour hold’ only to produce a rather embarrassing problem
2-3 hours after being applied.

This problem was actually
recognised by the Perky Pear founder, a woman who was repeatedly let down by
these brands. She made it her goal to develop a product that actually worked.
One that she could not only use herself, but provide to other women like

Perky Pear tape is a 180% stretchable
fabric giving
your breasts a 90% lift!

Perky Pear breast lift & shape tape
stretches 180% allowing you to get the best lift on the market. Current breast
lift tape doesn’t stretch at all!

The Trademarked pear
d lifts c
up & shape your breasts.

Perky Pear Breast lift &
shape tape is the first breast lift tape to shape small and larger breasts. Not
only does it offer the best lift and hold on the market for larger breasts but
it’s unique Pear shaped lifts are designed to cup the whole breast pushing the
breasts inwards to create that perky rounded “boob job” effect. So even smaller
breasts can get the effect of a wonder bra but in deep plunge styles that
prevent bra wearing! Although the pear shaped lifts cup the whole breast the
shape is designed to not be visible in deep plun
ge styles. Model below is a B cup showing the amazing shaping effects of Perky Pear breast lift tape.

Perky Pear Breast Lift Tape Before and After Photos

thing Perky Pear wanted to cover was the extensive size range which many
providers fall short at. So they’re providing options for women of all shapes and
sizes, from cup size A all the way through to cup size F. Most breast lift
companies have a “one size fits all” approach which is inadequate. The nude lifts also
make them invisible under your most revealing outfits such as sheer or lace!

Perky Pear are the first breast lift tape to model on real
women with sag, misshaped and large breasts.



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