Perky Embroideries-Embroidery like you've never seen before!

Perky Embroideries-Embroidery like you've never seen before!

When we think about embroidery we think about our Grandma stitching a piece of cloth and making pretty flower patterns. But not Sally Hewett, a stitcher and embroiderer who is interested in the social and political histories of the media, as well as their integration into the craft domain. She’s also interested in bodies. Real bodies. Real bodies with hairs, stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles and whatever else is all too often airbrushed away in mainstream pop culture.

Here at Perky HQ we love this idea! We’re all about feeling confidence in your skin and creating a natural solution to enhance and lift your cleavage with our breast lift tape without the need to permanently change anything through surgery.

After all your boobs tell a story. They might be a little southwards these days but that shows a journey! Whether it’s Weight loss, child birth or just good old ageing, they’re all things to be proud of!

Hewett combines these varied interests into a series of body-centric embroideries depicting boobs and butts as they actually appear on human beings.

Basically, Hewett proves that toying with bodily imperfections can yield art that’s pretty close to perfect.

“At a time during my art education, when I was particularly lost and wondering what on Earth I thought I was doing, I dug out some embroidery hoops which had belonged to my Grandmother and started embroidering — mainly as a way to just stop thinking about ‘ART,’” Hewett explained to The Huffington Post. “I think it started with the centre of a flower –- a small clump of French knots -– which suddenly became a nipple in front of my eyes. The hoop circling the nipple suggested a breast. That was the moment: the traditional craft of embroidery and stitch with all it’s connotations, combined with body imagery — that delicious discord. And my life-long interest in bodies –- real bodies with all their particularities and peculiarities — meant that I had lots of material to call upon, from hairy nipples to stretch marks to cellulite.”

That’s right women have nipple hair! Unless you’re like us who wear our Perky Pear boob tape every weekend so we’ve pretty much had a nipple wax! We think Hewett’s creative way to express the reality and beauty of the female form is pretty cool and her emroidery skills are pretty lit!

We’re not sure if we would hang this on our wall at home but we’re google searchin’ high and low to get one for our Perky offices!!