Our extra Application Tips for Super Sticks!

Our extra Application Tips for Super Sticks!

We know it can sometimes take a bit of practise to become an expert applicator when it comes to boob tape. However, we have some helpful tips from our experienced team of Perky Helpers to help you gain confidence when applying our Perky Pears! Here are our top five tips for super sticky application. For original instructions see here.

Exfoliation is Key

I’ve always had the best results when applying the Perky Pears onto shower fresh exfoliated skin. In the shower I make sure not to use moisturising products, as this can course the adhesive to become loose. To get the best results I would recommend using a standard shower gel or soap that is oil free to ensure there’s no extra product on your skin. I use this with an exfoliating brush or sponge to make sure no products or left over tan is on the skin.

You must be Bone Dry and Watch out for Deodorant

To make sure any moisture is on my body I towel dry and air dry to allow all shower moisture dry away. This is important because wet skin can interfere with the adhesive, meaning the stick won’t be as good. Please don’t apply straight from the shower. Deodorant is another pesky substance that prevents sticking! I always apply my Pears before applying deodorant. Sometimes spraying deodorant doesn’t always hit the bulls-eye let’s be honest. So to avoid wasting my Pears, I just spray after application.

Have a Steady Hand

Don’t handle the tape too much! In fact avoid contact with the sticky side of the tape at all costs. Handling the tape with your fingers takes off the sticky adhesive. I prefer to apply with one carefully placed movement, keeping my boob held up with one hand and guiding the tape upwards slowly. (Don’t worry if you place the tape in the wrong place you can re-stick, however this does make the tape less effective).

Watch the Videos

To make sure I was an expert at application, I watched our easy Perky Pear application video (https://youtu.be/HiQR6j8098M). This allowed me to gain confidence that I was doing the right thing, especially because it was my first time putting them on. Visualising the application really helped, so I would say the application videos are a must for first time users. One of the best tips the videos have taught me is to hold my hand over the tape once stuck to warm it up. This is because the adhesive is thermally activated, so becomes super sticky when you apply some hand heat.

Fake Tan

Exfoliating away my left over fake tan from a couple of days ago allows a clean surface for the adhesive to stick to. Fake tan is usually oil based, this oil can strip the adhesive of the tape, making the tape come undone. To ensure my Pears stick for as long as possible I apply fan take afterwards. To make sure information about fake tan application I read the fan tan section of our Perky Pear website.

Don’t forget to ask our Perky Helper Team if you have any questions about application if you’re ever stuck. Our team strive to help you get the best results so don’t be afraid to ask. We hope this post has added some extra tips to give you the confidence you need become a Perky expert.