Monday Survival Guide!

Monday Survival Guide!

We swear it was Friday like five minutes ago!?

Here at Perky Pear we understand how stressful Mondays can be, so much so we came up
with Stress Boob Monday! We’re all about women supporting women (and we don’t just mean your boobs!) and stress boob
Monday is here to perk you up! Head over to our Instagram page every Monday at
10am and comment on the stress boob pic and let us know what’s stressing you
out this Monday and you could WIN a Perky prize to perk you up!

In the mean time we’ve put together some tips on how to make
Mondays perkier and less stressful!

1. Ditch the attitude
Tackling a Monday with a negative attitude is going to make you feel waaaay
more stressed than you need to be. Ditch the negative vibes and slay Monday

2. Hang out with your GIRL GANG

We think this one is pretty self-explanatory, your girls got your back! Plan a
Monday evening chill out session with your besties and laugh about what
Monday has thrown at you!

3. Eat the cake!

Why not make Monday treat day! Cook your
favourite dish or order a take out on a Monday instead of a Friday to start the
week well! There are NO rules girl!

4. Retail Therapy

And what better way than to treat yourself to any of our PP essentials with 30%
discount! Head to Instagram and comment on the stress boob pic and WIN a perky
prize and 30% off our tape range!

5. Wine O’clock

Do we need to spell it out? Fill that glass up BABE make wine night Monday
night(one glass won’t hurt and save the rest till Friday!)

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