Women are constantly trying to find the secret to looking good naked, they even did a programme about it (Aunty Gok made some women feel pretty good about themselves on that catwalk! If you’re not aware of the programme, click here for a throwback!) Perky Pear has done some thinking and guess what perky babes? We think we have the answer!

How to look good naked? Well firstly, take of your clothes and CELEBRATE yourself!

We’re sorry, we know you thought that this was going to be a post about diets and moisturising or fake tanning and contouring to make your abs look better in a bikini…NOPE!

It’s no surprise here at Perky Pear HQ that we celebrate women’s bodies and appreciate and LOVE that all bodies are different shapes and sizes. Women’s bodies are bad ass! They can do so much and I think as a society we forget that, stretch marks, scars, blemishes, uneven skin tone and lumps and bumps are all very natural and normal! Instead of celebrating our own unique bodies we look to see what we can fix and what product out there will help us (Our own product included!) And although looking fab in shape wear and makeup makes us feel good about ourselves we thought that you also needed to know that when you take all of that off at the end of the day, you still look amazing because you look like YOU!

With roughly 157 Million women on this planet it’s pretty cool to think that there is only ONE of you (unless you’re a twin like our Perky Pear founder but even then there are still differences!) so every cell that makes up your body is completely your own, there is not one other person out there like you!! Pretty cool if you ask us!

So yeh… we think that’s worth celebrating and feeling good about and we hope you agree!

So stop typing in “How to look good naked” in google because you’re beautiful because you’re you.

For looking good in clothes though, well we can help you there and help you SLAY those plunge styles with our Perky Pear Lift & Shape Tape range! Shop here!

Have a happy Thursday perky babes!!

Perky Pear How To Look Good Naked

Look and feel good with and without our breast lift and shape tape