How to apply breast lift tape

How to apply breast lift tape

Take a look at this short video on how to apply breast lift tape properly and safely. Scroll down for instructions…


1. Gently exfoliate the area where you are applying the breast lift tape. This will remove any traces of product & prep the skins surface to allow the tape adhesive to fully adhere. Thoroughly dry before you move on to the next step.

2. Hold the tape by the bottom, pointy side up, with the Perky Pear branding facing you, then peel off the removable layer.

3. Begin to apply your breast lift tape from the bottom up, beginning just below your breast. Always use your other hand to keep your breast supported as to reduce strain on the tape!

4. Keeping your breast held where you want it to remain, pull the tape up and over the rest of your breast, whilst pressing the tape, ensuring the whole lift/tape is becoming attached.

Bonus tip 1: If you want your breast to be pushed more inwards for a central cleavage, apply the tape more to the outside of your breast, forcing them inwards.

Bonus tip 2: If part of the tape is on show above your breast, simply peel the visible part off and cut it with some scissors to remove it (just be very careful!).

TOP TIP! Having trouble sticking? Hold your hand over the tape for 1 minute to add heat as the tape is heat activated. If the tape retracts then the skin is not dry, cool and 100% clean. Apply bronzer or self tan to the chest area after tape is applied avoiding the fabric (we do not recommend getting a spray tan over the top of the pears, avoid the tape area completely)


Removing your breast lift tape

When it comes to removing your breast lift tape, begin peeling from the bottom whilst holding your breast in place. Remember, the tape can only be used once, and will no longer be able to stick once it has been worn and removed.

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