Galentines Day

Galentines Day

If you’re anything like the babes at Perky Pear HQ you’re so glad January is over and out and now the Valentines Day countdown has begun but we’ve got our hearts set on a date sooner than that. Galentines Day! Haven’t heard of it? Basically every February 13th girls all over the world leave bae at home and spend a kick ass with their best gal pals.

Sound like your kinda day? Save the date in your calendar and check out our Galentines guide.

Sleepovers and Pillow Fights

Why do guys think that girly sleep overs mean pillow fights in our underwear? Totally wrong. What it does mean though is pizza, movies, pampering and loads of laughing.

Stay tuned for our next blog to see Perky’s Valentine’s Day movie faves.

Spa Day

Round up your girls for a day of massages, pedicures, manicures and face masks. Whether you splash the dolla at a fancy spa hotel or set up a make-shift spa at home, take the time to enjoy relaxing with the company of your nearest and dearest girls.

Go to Dinner

Book a table at the best restaurant around and order a bottle of red for you and your girl gang – who needs red roses when you wine? Wondering what you’ll wear? We’re giving you HALF PRICE shipping worldwide as of TODAY 1st February so you can slay your Galentines Day outfit with a killer cleavage. Add Perky Pear breast lift & shape tape to your cart and treat yourself to an early V day gift.

The love letter isn’t dead

Send a love letter to your fave gal pals thanking them for:

– Tagging you in funny memes on insta
– Putting ovaries before brovaries
– Buying you extra shots
– Listening to your rants about bae
– Using just as many emojis as you do
– Talking about hair, nails and tan for longer than necessary
– Hating all the same things you do

So you’re all set up for your first (or maybe not) Galentines day babes!

Be sure to check your Perky Pear parcels to find sweet treats PLUS 15% off your next order of PP breast lift and shape tape.

Happy (G)Valentines Day from Perky Pear x