Cleavage styles in the 17th-19th century

Cleavage styles in the 17th-19th century

Cleavage styles have changed throughout the years. From pushing them up with corsets, binding the chest, to drawing on blue veins! This may seem strange but in another 100 years maybe the idea of boob tape could be equally as weird for future generations (if embracing the sag becomes popular)

Our great great grandchildren may even wonder what “boob contouring” even was and why we even bothered!

Here at Perky Pear HQ, cleavage is our forte so we’ve put together two cleavage history facts

17th century cleavage style: The veiny cleavage

17th cleavage boob fashion 17th century cleavage style

Seventeenth-century England saw an increase of cleavage fashion. Breasts became a prominent feature that women wanted to display. Looks like nothing has changed much a part from we can’t see these dresses becoming available on ASOS anytime soon! The only difference is that instead of tanning on Thursdays the fashion back then was to be extremely pale as it symbolised wealth. It suggested the ability to stay out of the sun unlike labourers. Women would even go as far as drawing blue veins on their breasts to mimc translucent skin!

19th century cleavage style: The separated cleavage

corset cleavage fashion19th century boobs and fashion

The corset was like the 19th century version of SPANX. It gave women that hour glass figure as well as pushing the cleavage up and separating the cleavage. Some tied their corsets so tight that they had problems breathing! The new beauty trend for this century was separated breasts instead of the high and tight cleavage of the past. Women wanted to have a distinct gap between their breasts. This was achieved by wearing a certain style of corset called the “divorce corset”. The results were in the name! Those boobs wanted nothing to do with each other and were in virtually different post codes!

So we wonder what cleavage styles will come in the future! Until then though we’re here to keep you perky and lifted! Get 15% off until midnight with code WEEKEND

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