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Celebrity Stylist Boob Tape Secret You Need To Know

Celebrity Stylist Boob Tape Secret You Need To Know

The celebrity boob tape cleavage secret for red carpet events is our Perky Pear® Breast lift tape!

Celebrity stylists across the nation have discovered the ultimate product to get their celebrity clients red carpet ready and the secret… You guessed it, US!

Red carpet worthy results!

Celebrity stylists including Holly Willoughby’s long term stylist Angie Smith make sure they stock up on our best seller before a highly anticipated red carpet event! Perky Pear® breast lift & shape tape™ has been a celebrity go to since the products launched.

Celebrities across the UK including Gemma Collins, Olivia Buckland (now Bowen), MTV’s Lateysha Grace and Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei have all taken to Instagram to flaunt their perky, lifted cleavages. Gemma Collins writes “They were fab, held me up all day” and Kasaei tells her 1.9 Million followers “Girls! You really need to check out @perkypearofficial for the best boob tape ever! Seriously game changers!”.

Olivia Buckland Celebrity Style

Olivia shows a sneak peek of the Perky Pear breast lift and shape tape at charity event with hubby Alex Bowen

olivia bucklans wears Perky Pear

Instant, fuss free results!

Perky Pear® is the first brand to offer a variety of breast lift tape designs to lift and shape in a single application, just peel, lift and stick for instant and long lasting results.

Created by women!

Back in 2015, Our founder Samantha (an E cup herself!) wanted to create a breast lift tape that not only lifted small & larger, heavy cups but also helped to shape the breasts to create a pushed in, rounded effect whilst providing a comfortable and discreet lasting hold so she sourced the perfect material and designed the products to achieve fast and amazing results every time for sizes A-G and Perky Pear® was born!

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