Black is Back

Black is Back

Black is back and in true Black Friday tradition shoppers world wide are going cray (we’re talkin Kanye crazy and confessions of a shoppaholic crazy!). So we’ve put together a few fool proof ways to survive the Black Friday sales.

Fuel up
Girl, if there was ever an excuse to binge on pizza and carbs – this is it. You’re gonna need that energy!

Take your girls
You know that scene from friends when Monica, Rachel and Phoebe go shopping for Monica’s wedding dress… it ends with Monica wrestling the woman who stole her dress to the floor and Rachel hiding in a rack of clothes having a major panic attack – we don’t expect that kinda behaviour from you babes but your girls need to be there in case you need back up!

Keep it social
Check out the social media pages of your fave shops to find what discounts they’re giving away online and what the codes are. That includes us too, no need to head over to insta though – use code
BLACK15 for 15/% OFF all Perky Pear products including our Ultimate Cleavage Kits. We’re also giving you £1 UK shipping and HALF PRICE international shipping! We’re perkin’ up the world baby!

Stay safe girl
Remember those crazy Kanye shoppers we spoke about – they do exist. Avoid them like you would avoid a bad tagged photo of you on a night out.

End with Prosecco
You’ve had a hard day babe, you deserve it! Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) Would be darn proud of you!