7 Reasons Perky Pear is The Best Place to Buy Breast Lift Tape

7 Reasons Perky Pear is The Best Place to Buy Breast Lift Tape

There are a number of breast lift tape providers on the market right now, but they just don’t seem to be getting the same feedback as us. In the past year, Perky Pear has really developed as a community, and we never get tired of the positive messages from our Perky Girls. So what is it that makes us different to other companies that provide breast lift tape and natural breast lift solutions? Well…

1. Perky Pear breast lift tape is designed by women

That’s right. Perky Pear’s breast lift tape is designed by us. If you’re familiar with the history of Perky Pear, you’ll know that it was Samantha – Perky Pear’s founder – and E cup who was behind the design and creation of Perky Pear’s first breast lift tape.

Samantha, like many women around the world, had tried a wide range of breast lift products, but found that none worked as well as it claimed!

So, she set out to create the perfect breast lift tape. One that really worked, and not only lifted up to a G-cup, but also helped to shape the breasts. Samantha succeeded, and Perky Pear® Lift & Shape Tape was born!

2. The unique material

Another thing that makes Perky Pear’s breast lift tape stand out from the rest is the material. The breathable cotton is tightly woven and elasticated to mimic skin pores.

This allows sweat & air to circulate so that the tape will remain strong with movement, meaning you can enjoy your night out without worrying about your tape coming loose.

3. Great feedback from real customers

We never get bored of the positive feedback from customers, and we’re extremely thankful for you girls that spread the word about us. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

Every single review you’ll find on the Perky Pear website is from a real customer. From text messages, DMs and Facebook messages to emails, website enquiries and phone calls – we get consistently great feedback. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of the feedback we get here.

4. It shapes, as well as lifts

When developing our breast tape, we wanted to ensure it provided a nice shapely appearance – not just a lift. This was in fact where the famous pear shape came into play.

The shape of the tape allows it to be pulled up, around and over, resulting in a natural looking breast lift. So, Perky Pear’s breast lift tape will provide a much more full and rounded look compared to other breast lift tape providers.

5. Trusted by celebs

You may have seen some of your favourite celebs giving us a shoutout online, or even wearing our breast tape out on the town. We’re backed by the likes of Vicky Pattison our Perky Ambassador in 2020, Olivia Buckland, Gemma Collins, Holly Willoughby, Lateysha Grace, Paula Abdul, Charlotte Dawson, Zara Holland, Sophie Kasei, Ellie Young, Ampika Pickston, Imogen Townley & many more.

You can check out our celeb gallery here.

6. It gets stronger the longer you wear it

One thing that ensures our breast tape performs better than the rest is the medical grade adhesive which is beneath the breathable cotton. This medical grade acrylic adhesive is heat activated, so the hotter you get (and sweatier) the better the tape works!

The adhesive is CE approved and, unlike breast tape from other providers, latex-free. So, if you’ve been unable to wear breast lift tape due to a latex allergy, Perky Pear is the tape for you.

7. Helpful & friendly customer support

We’ve not been around for long, but Perky Pear has quickly become a strong community of girls who all face the same problems. Anything we can do to help, just ask. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have about our products. Just send us a message.