48% Of Women Want Bigger Boobs

48% Of Women Want Bigger Boobs

Here at Perky Pear HQ we like to stay up to date in the world of boobs!

This means that when news articles or studies are published we take all the info in!

We’ve also conducted our own studies and surveys over the years surrounding female beauty standards and we continue working hard to ensure that we do our bit to understand these studies to create better products, Products and tape that make women feel good in their skin and help women feel good not just look good.

A latest study conducted by Anglia Ruskin University highlighted that the majority of women worldwide are unhappy with the size of their breasts. It was also apparent that British women in particular worried about their breasts appearance more than any other country!

“48% of women said they wanted larger breasts whereas just under a quarter (23%) of women wanted smaller breasts”

The survey of 18,541 women in 40 countries found that scarily only 29% of women were satisfied with the size of their breasts.

It was also noted that those women who did not like their breasts were also unlikely to check their breasts regularly for Lumps and bumps. Something we always remind our customers about is to check their breasts! Each year we post numerous reminders to check your breasts. We create campaigns annually to push sales and we then donate the profits to a chosen breast cancer charity each year. Because of these campaigns one of our loyal customers checked her breasts only to find a lump and ended up having it removed. She said that if we hadn’t reminded her she may have missed it! So check your boobs ladies!!

The facts above conducted by the University is quite shocking. Our best selling breast lift tape size is our DD-E & F-G size. This shows that although 48% of women want larger breasts, those who have larger breasts still want a helping hand in making their appearance better. Perhaps the grass isn’t always greener and we all need to start loving our bodies more for what they are. Everyone is individual and beauty standards can be whatever you want them to be!

We are here to make your boobs look great, to give you confidence in your clothes and ultimately make your boobs feel and look the way you want. We are also here to support (literally) all boobs. If you have small breasts and want a more defined cleavage we can do that! If you have larger breasts and want a lift and a more rounded shape, we can most definitely do this too! We are here for all boobs!,Big, small, post breast feeding, boobs after weight loss, boobs after health scares and more.

Boob tape isn’t just for larger boobs. Perky Pear was designed to add shape and definition as well as a lift. It was designed to make our customer feel good in their skin. Based on the study we are happy that we can provide a product that help women with the concerns mentioned.

We will continue to do our bit to make women feel their best and feel Perkier!