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9th Feb blog

Applying your Perky Pear Tape is easy! We have over 4 years experience with our tape now and are experts at ensuring you get the results you want and know that there a few tips which help to ensure that your tape stays all night and gives that perfect rounded classic Perky Pear look!


Size up in cup size if your breasts are on the wide side. Our helpful size guide lets you know that if you are a 36+ back size then you may need to go up in the cup! If you can’t go up and still need extra side support then you can team our lift & shape tape with our cleavage sculpting strips! They add extra support and shape where you need it.


Layer a whole lift on top of another. This adds weight which can cause the tape to come loose. The tape layered on top of the other isn’t stuck to your skin so can roll down and even peel the other tape underneath off! There’s a reason why we created our tape to just be one easy to apply weightless layer which lift & shapes with no layering needed.



Use an oil such as coconut oil to help dissolve the adhesive. Start from the bottom, find an edge and peel. Push down on the skin with one hand and pull the tape away with the other to help release the tape from the skin. Apply oil as you go. Watch our removal videos on our How To Apply page on our website.


Rip the tape off in a quick and downward motion. This can cause injury.


Use a false tan that develops over time and then fully wash it off before applying Perky Pear tape. A spray tan is great as you wash this off after it develops leaving a glow without the layer of residue on the skin. We recommend applying a developing tan the night before then washing it off-Try to also avoid the tape area as much as you can. Ensure skin is perfectly dry before applying your lift & shape tape. and use a little bronzer to the cleavage area 30 minutes after the tape has fully bonded to the skin


Use an instant tan which can be easily washed off. This sits on the skins surface so your tape will have trouble adhering with a layer of tan stopping it from adhering to the skin surface as there is a moisture barrier. Don’t spray tan over the tape. Our tape is cotton and breathable and very porous which is why it is sweat proof and water resistant as it allows sweat and air to evaporate through. This means that spray tans will also seep through and dissolve the adhesive.


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