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About Perky Pear®

“I realised that if nothing on the market was working for me, other women must also be in this frustrating position and something had to change…”

Samantha Ryder, CEO & Founder

Story Of Our Award Winning Products

Est in 2016 Perky Pear® is the first brand to offer a cotton based, all in one breast lift tape solution which offers the same results as a surgical breast lift! The products have been designed and created by Samantha – Perky Pear’s founder, an E cup who like many women around the world, had tried every breast lift tape and adhesive bra on the market but found that no product worked as well as it claimed.

In late 2015, Samantha set out to create the perfect breast lift tape that not only lifted up to a G cup but also helped to shape the breasts to create a pushed in, rounded effect providing a comfortable and lasting hold! We now provide a full range of tape styles for the ultimate fashion fix and braless solutions in any style for A-G cups. Perky Pear® is a global brand, providing the largest range of breast lift tape styles in the world. Shop the breast lift tape range here!

Iconic Pear Design

Our distinguishable pear shape lifts are legally protected and trademarked by Perky Pear Ltd® with each breast lift tape style serving as an all in one design solution for fuss free and instant results – no more DIY! (We’ve been there and no one wants to strap tape over the shoulders or mess around with strips of tape!) You can now also find selected Perky Pear® products on some of your favourite online fashion sites, Perky Pear® is stocked on PRETTYLITTLETHING.COM, BOOHOO & IN THE STYLE.

Exclusive Perky Pear® Tape Technology

Our high quality medical grade, heat activated adhesive is thinly applied in a wave pattern onto our ultra thin cotton surface which is tightly woven and elasticated to mimic skin pores and perform as a second skin (You will notice the back of our tape resembles a finger print!) this allows sweat & air to circulate through the fibres making it sweat and motion proof so the tape can’t be budged, giving you full confidence!

Our medical grade adhesive is heat activated so the hotter you get (and sweatier) the tape reacts with your body temperature to hold onto the skin. Dance the night away ladies and dare to bare those deep plunge and backless styles! Our adhesive is CE approved and free from latex.

Keeping it real! Real results on real women

Here at PP HQ we showcase our boob tape on real women and our own perky customers of all shapes and sizes to showcase just how amazing the results are! Don’t forget to message us on Instagram or Facebook with your results! Check out our customer results here!

“We are passionate about finally delivering a non surgical breast lift solution that delivers real results. We have helped women across the world feel confident about wearing the styles they were once unable to wear! So dare to bare with Perky Pear®!”

Samantha Ryder, CEO & Founder

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