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About Us

“I realised that if nothing on the market was working for me, other women must also be in this frustrating position and something had to change…”

Samantha Ryder, CEO & Founder

When women create for women, magic happens…

EST in 2016,  Perky Pear®  Is proud to offer the worlds first cotton based breast lift tape range catering up to a G cup. Our customer described “life changing” products are created by our founder Samantha…

Samantha is an E cup who in 2016 and only 24 years old had tried every breast lift tape and adhesive bra on the market but couldn’t find a tape that lifted or shaped heavier breasts! She set out to create a breast lift tape that not only lifted small & larger cups but also helped to SHAPE the breasts to create a firmer, rounded effect whilst providing a comfortable and discreet lasting hold! She sourced the perfect material and designed the products with the goal to achieve instant and amazing results for sizes A-G. Samantha’s background and Bachelors degree in design and marketing has been paramount to our products design innovation and designing for all shapes is at the heart of our products which is why they work so well! Our tape is now leading the industry based in the UK and shipping worldwide across the globe!

We promise to continue to expand our range and carry on offering revolutionary non surgical style solutions!

Iconic Pear Design For Fuss Free Results!

Perky Pear® is the first brand to offer a variety of breast lift tape designs to lift and shape in a single application, just peel, lift and stick. No DIY necessary, our protected and unique designs are ready to go! Shop our full range of breast lift tape styles.

Custom Skin Replication Fibre Technology

Samantha found that most existing breast tape or stick on bra products were foam, silicone, plastic or paper based and didn’t stretch or mould to your shape to give lift, support and shape! Our premium medical grade, heat activated adhesive is thinly applied onto our ultra thin durable cotton which is tightly woven to mimic skin pores and replicate skin performance. Sweat can easily evaporate through the fibres making it 100% sweat and motion proof.

Our Perky Pear® boob tape adhesive is heat activated and will bond gently to the skin the warmer you get.  Our adhesive is CE approved and free from latex.

Keeping it real- Real results on real women!

Here at PP HQ we showcase our boob tape on real women and our own perky customers of all shapes and sizes to showcase just how amazing the results are! Don’t forget to message us on Instagram or Facebook with your results! Check out our customer results here!

“We are passionate about finally providing an affordable non surgical breast lift solution that delivers real results. We have helped women across the world feel confident about wearing the styles they were once unable to wear! So dare to bare with Perky Pear®!”

Samantha Ryder, CEO & Founder

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